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Welcome to The Final Overs!

Experience the thrill of the death-overs with this action-packed VR Cricket game developed from the ground up for Oculus Quest. 

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While everyone is asked to stay inside homes & cricket grounds have gone cheerless & crowd-less, revive the vigor of cricket by not being a mere spectator but by actually being in the shoes of a batsman and chasing a mighty target in just a few overs. 

With incredibly simplistic gameplay, The Final Overs doesn’t require any professional hands to hurl the ball way into the crowd with a powerful swing of the bat. Even if you’re new & know little to nothing about cricket, this game offers you the basic experience to effortlessly familiarize yourself with it and enjoy it without needing to learn about the sport.

The freedom of playing natively on Quest without the need for a powerful PC or jittery wireless streaming makes it amazingly immersive!


  • Quick Matches - Get to the ground within seconds and restart matches seamlessly!
  • 20 Over mode with 10 wickets
  • Six varieties of bowlers with different specialty (leg-spin, off-spin, fast, outswing, medium-fast)
  • Several competitive leaderboards (separate for different modes)
  • Realistic physics
  • Last ball replay in slo-mo
  • Celebration on scoring 50 or 100 runs
  • Exciting commentary
  • Multiple bat choices
  • Separate player stats for quick and T20 mode
  • Bowlers with unique identity: name, skin, hand, and preferred bowling side.
  • Adjust bat alignment to controller
  • Play with a Real Bat

We have a public Trello board where you can see what's coming next and what we're working on:



Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$14.99 $7.49 USD or more

In order to download this TFO VR Cricket you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.49 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The Final Overs - Early Access 1.3.3.apk 682 MB
The Final Overs - Early Access 1.3.1.apk 682 MB

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been playing it for a bit. Feel like the bowlers are too fast, especially the fast bowlers. Don’t really have time to react to the ball. Also every now and then I press ready and the bowler just stays at the end of the run up and I have to quit the game. Also seems really hard to hit 4s and 6s

Deleted 3 days ago
Deleted 3 days ago

Actually, we've intentionally made T20 mode more difficult than quick matches to bring some challenge. If you feel the same in quick matches then you really got to practice a little. Players have scored 200+, 150+ on just a single wicket, and currently, the top player has hit 1800+ sixes!

Please join our Discord to connect with us and other players: https://discord.com/invite/rNBxHshvx2

ah ok, just seems really difficult. maybe just need more practice, im guessing hitting the ball in the middle of the bat makes the ball go futher than the top or toe of the bat. the ball does seems to come quite quick at you, maybe different difficulty levels could chage the speed of the ball?

The bowler not bowling seems to happen every match, the furthest ive got so far is about 10 overs before its done it then i have to quit the game as i cant continue any other way

Try pressing trigger when this happens. It basically makes the bowler bowl

i do and thats when it stops, the ready sign goes away and the bowler is just stood there


Okay. I will look into this.

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it would be nice if we have the choice to select different grounds like lords,SCG, MCG , eden gardens with day and night option . This will be a cool feature if added

Hey Ravi - that would surely be cool. We have so much stuff planned for upcoming updates and a new stadium is one of them. However, it's not a priority at the moment because we're constantly trying to add/improve gameplay features. Stay tuned

We have a public Trello board where you can see what's coming and what's in the works: